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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After Thanksgiving-Black Friday

Sales, sales, and more sales.  Did you fall for the hype of "Black Friday?"  Did the retail sales entice you to set up a tent, grab a blanket and maybe some other source of heating device as you camped out in the early morning hours waiting to be the first of many to enter the stores?  My response to that madness is WOW!

I know many of you enjoy the crowds, the hustle and bustle down the aisles as you select the perfect gift for love ones. My first experience was the worst experience; I decided my Black Friday shopping extravaganza will be spent online. It's the perfect, quiet and comfortable way to find gifts for love ones.  Not to mention this option prevents me from carrying a small object in the event someone left their manners at the entrance (wink).

Nonetheless I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday with friends and family.
Be mindful that everyday is a day of Thanksgiving!


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